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Hola and a big welcome to Hola Pretty, 

If you have found yourself oogling here and reading this blog, I'm pretty sure we are now friends! 

If you share a GIANT love of all things pretty, a LOVE of fashion and of feminine and beautiful silhouettes, a LOVE of Australian designers and labels and a LOVE for planning and styling your outfits, I am so very glad we met! 

My love of fashion started many moons ago. Some of my earliest memories are more about the outfit I was wearing than anything else! At the age of about 3, I remember being in love with what I thought was my first rock & roll ensemble (the reality; a red/black/white polka dot twin set, yep, matchy matchy all the way). It was a show stopper and I remember wanting to wear it, everyday! 

At ten, I saved for so very long to purchase a button through denim skirt to wear on the runway for a fashion parade I was in, and as a teenager my love for Australian designers flourished and I found myself saving like crazy to own brands such as Sass & Bide, Marcs and Alannah Hill.

I realised then that we have such an array of amazing talent in Australia and that one day, I would like to showcase the beautiful brands that adorn us and own my very own boutique clothing store.

Well fast forward a few years, a husband and two beautiful little boys and here I am launching Hola pretty (still pinching actually!) 

I don't think I have ever loved fashion more, you can't outgrow such a love! And whilst I would love to tell you an elaborate story about how the opportunity presented itself to do so, the truth involves one long road trip (1500 kilometers loooong!!) and a New Years resolution. On said road trip from Perth back to my home town of Karratha (in Western Australia) Hola pretty was born. I decided not to overthink it and that it was time. Just take a chance and run with the dream I told myself and that's exactly what I did.

So a few months later, my husband Daniel and I popped over to Melbourne, met with some amazing people, decided on a list of designers and labels that would be synonymous with what Hola pretty was all about and before long the dream started to become a reality!

So I will finish off my (very first) blog post, by saying a big Thankyou! Thankyou for sharing my love of fashion, thankyou for stopping by and a BIG thankyou to my nearest and dearest for embracing the dream and for all of your support!

I hope you have a field day shopping here and that Hola pretty becomes your one stop. 

I promise to continually bring you beautiful pieces (Side note, we have so much more coming in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned via Facebook and Insta) and I promise to get them to you as fast as possible, because let's face it - having to wait a week or more for your new purchase = torturous! 

I also promise to bring you exciting news, new trends, new brands and pieces you can't (or shouldn't) live without via the blog.

Until next time,

Happy shopping and much love x




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