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Welcome to our Blog series on Bloggers!

Who doesn't love a fab fashion blogger?! Someone with style to envy and an enviable lifestyle to boot!

Our Blogger LOVE this week goes to Monique Ceccato aka Little Miss Mon Bon.

If you haven't already discovered this dynamic, colour loving, super stylish blogger who hails from Perth, be sure to swing on over to her Blog for a mega dose of fun loving style -

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Monique and asked her about Blogging, her style and her loves;

Describe to us your own personal style? 

I would like to say that it is colourful, fun and sometimes unexpected

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to do so?

I started blogging in 2010 after what I thought was a TERRIBLE interview for an internship. I knew nothing about what they were asking me (including if I knew how to use Wordpress) so I decided to go home and learn about the things I didn’t already know about. Turns out I really liked the blogging thing!

Who do you look to for style inspiration? Who are your style icons?

I honestly can’t say I have any! I am more inspired by my mood than I am by other people when I am getting dressed. If anything, I would have to say that I love women like Chiara Ferragni, Zanita and Margaret Zhang because they are unashamedly themselves, whatever they wear

Who is your favourite designer? 

Again, very difficult to nail in one! I go in phases and am really drawn to different collections rather than just one designer

What do you love about Perth? 

The weather (except for recently… it has been super rainy and windy). We have a lot of sunshine so we get to make the most of our gorgeous beaches!

You wear a lot of colour and prints (Which I personally love about your style!)
What is it that draws you to colour / prints and wearing colourful / bold ensembles? 

Simply put, it makes me happy. Colour and print remind me of summer, warmth, exotic destinations and lively music - all things that also make me happy! I also feel like it helps me to express myself and my personality better than neutrals

When you aren't blogging, where / what would we find you doing? 

At the beach, at a gymnastics class or aerials class… sometimes out to brunch

Do you prefer to dress up or down? Are you more comfortable in jeans/tee or dress/heels ?

I would always much prefer to be overdressed than underdressed so, needless to say, heels and a dress is far more comfortable to me. I have this ridiculous fear of rocking up somewhere in jeans and flats when everyone else is rocking frocks, heels and lipstick!

Who are your favourite bloggers? 

I personally love following what Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper does (although, she is more of an Instagrammer/influencer than a blogger now). I also love the work of The Fashion Fraction, Scout and The City and K is For Kani’s fun, colourful outfits

And finally what's next for Little Miss Bon? Where will we see you next? 

Oh golly… I know where I want to see myself, but the question is ‘will I get there?’. I would love to start presenting more (in the lead up to TV presenting), and I would love to have a frequent column/contributor role to an online magazine. Carrie Bradshaw much?

Have a favourite Blogger we may or may not have heard of yet? Be sure to post away in the comments below.

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