Tis the Season..(to dress up!)

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Tis the Season to dress up, celebrate, have a champagne or two, spend time with loved ones and maybe even go away on holiday, if you’re lucky enough!

How could you not love this time of the year?! Not only is it officially Summer (my season of choice – weather and fashion-wise!) but  Christmas is now just around the corner! I'm not going to lie, and I can't play it down. I am unashamedly a GIGANTIC fan of Christmas and all the festivities it brings!!

I love the mood that surrounds this time of the year and whilst everyone is (more or less) exhausted and social calendars are crazy-full, it doesn't seem to dampen the mood and I still feel surrounded by a sense of Christmas cheer!

I love that this time of the year, for most of us, will  mean a break of some sort! A chance to unwind, relax and spend time with your nearest and dearest!

And in stark contrast, I love that, right now we are (somewhat run off our feet) busy with Christmas drinks/celebrations/parties/concerts, and whatever it may be, but it’s always fun and in the spirit of Christmas!

Of course being an avid fan of fashion, I also love that I have many opportunities to get dressed-up!

And then there's that new outfit necessity that goes hand in hand with everything celebratory, especially Christmas Day, and for me, has done since I was about 5-years old!

And with TWO weeks to go (insert panic) until Christmas Day, now is the time to (quickly cram in the last of your Christmas shopping) and also treat yourself to something nice!

So without further adieu, here are some of our favourite pieces for Christmas day, starting with white, which has been sooooooo on point this year. It's crisp, it's fresh and it is synonymous with Summer!   


The Kairos Playsuit (above) - $199

The Violante Day Dress (below)  - $320


The Cosmic Currents Mini Dress (above) - $240

Animal Magic Dress (below) - $199.95  

If Christmas in your house is a more casual affair, shorts and a cute cami maybe for you..

Ika Shorts & Cami (below) $119.95 ea

Urbanist shorts (below) - $119.95

Or for an uber cas look, team some cute denim shorts (either the Alpha Female shorts $129.95 or Kel shorts $89.95) with a pretty top

Below: Dusty Days Top $160, Angel Top $119.95 and the Reglin Metallic Spot Top $109.95


And finally, for those who are chasing a pop of colour and something to compliment the cute Christmas hat (the one you just have to wear) from inside your Christmas cracker, one of these dresses may be for you;

Obsession Dress (above) - $189.95

Dusk Split Maxi Dress (below) - $135


As always, we offer hassle free returns, FREE Express Shipping over $100 and the option to take advantage of AFTERPAY (Buy now, Pay later) upon checkout.

Finally, in the spirit of giving, we have a coupon code on offer for you.

Upon checkout enter the coupon code XMASCHEER25 to save 25% off all orders.

Use it on yourself, or pass it on to your husband/partner/lover so that they can use it on something for you! 

It's valid from 12/12/2016 - 16/12/2016 and it can be used as many times as you like!

And finally from us here at Hola Pretty HQ, we would like to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year 2017.
Enjoy the time off, enjoy the festivities and enjoy your new outfit!

Until next time,

Happy shopping and much love x









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  • Absolutely love Christmas and time to treat myself to one of these stunning pieces. The only problem will be choosing which amazing dress will I be unwrapping as my Christmas present to myself this year. Stunning collection, superb quality and Hola so pretty!

    Helen Luthwood on

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